Citizen step to push forward research

An article in the regional French newspaper « Sud-Ouest » introduces the works of UFO-science.

Anyone knows, in France, as soon as one talks about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object), one’s kidding, one’s laughing and we look as oddball. Tough, Jean-Christophe Doré, from Rochefort, married and father, has nothing of a crank, nor a nutcase. That is why this IT manager in higher education holds: he is taking an interest in the UFO phenomenon and, in this context, he is a member of the UFO-Science organization.

Physical origin

Straight-away, he anticipates: « The objective of this organization, presided by the astrophysicist and former research director at the CNRS, Jean-Pierre Petit, is to study in laboratory some sides of the UFO phenomenon, but without a priori on its origin. » We understand that these researchers don’t run after ET, but want to analyse the physical origin of a light, of a unidentified air phenomenon.
« We tell ourselves that if something odd takes place overhead, we would rather use scientific means to understand. Without drawing a conclusion, of course! However at least, we would like to stop all fruitless debates», declares Jean-Christophe Doré who himself has observed a «slivered bowl» and «flying triangles».

Call to citizens

« In France, scientists are not often interested in UFOs and the army closes the matter as “secret defence”. We are trying to fill in this void by appealing a citizen research where goodwill is enough », explains the Rocheforter who, inside UFO-Science, is in charge of the construction of scientific equipment that allows to accumulate proofs, such as a full angle video camera or a pursuit station.
Thus, the organization takes up an US army initiative, from the 50’s, that asked citizens to spot what was then called «flying saucers». «This is simple and cheap: one places, before the lens of one’s camera, a diffraction grating – this looks like a slide – that enables to disperse light in its components and to mine informations on the emitting source ».


For the light spectrum is a mine of informations to determine the chemical composition of a celestial body. This is thanks to it that astronomers have been able to know what is happening in stars.
Today so, UFO-Science launches its distribution campaign of spectroscopic cap. «This tool is going to help us to store the proofs, without running the risk of fuzzy and not exploitable photos. For the volunteer citizen will be able, if he witnesses a surprising phenomenon in the sky, to take a live picture», explains Jean-Christophe Doré.
It is up to UFO-Science, later, to analyse the frame. And to contribute to better understand these flying objects that keep unidentified.

Practice. To obtain a spectroscopic cap: without forgetting the organization site :
Author: Kharinne Charov