Find here all research reports from works done in UFO Science lab. Research main themes can be found by following the link in the link New Research in the “Présentation” section.

CRAS 1975

Magnetohydrodynamics Research

The “MHD Group” is dedicated to studies in magneto hydrodynamics applied to propulsion in gaseous and liquid environement (magnetized cold plasma physics).
CRAS 1975

Spectroscopy Research

The “Optics group” is dedicated to spectroscopy studies done with diffraction grating caps mountable on cameras.
CRAS 1975

Biochemistry Research

The “Biochemistry Group” is dedicated to studies around HF radiations effects on living organism and more especially to the analysis of biochemistral changes in plants exposed to pulsed microwaves.
CRAS 1975

Automatic detection systems

This page is dedicated to studies and design of optical automatic detection systems.