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    Welcome to the download section of UFO-Science. You will find here articles and scientific records, downloadable books, reports, publications, and all our photos and videos.

  • Vidéos

    TV shows, presentations and conferences, experiments in laboratory… a set of videos directed by our association, but also by medias (TV and WebTV) and readers, interested by all of our work. Some old TV shows, where Jean-Pierre Petit was invited, are also available.

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  • Audio

    Since 2007, we participated on numerous occasions in radio shows to speak about UFO-Science organization, its history and its objectives, but also to perform an essential work of awareness with the aim to inform the public the importance of our work, in detail.

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  • Scientific and technical papers

    Patents, technical notes, and scientific publications. These documents treat in great part of Magnetohydrodynamics, and are the result of the work performed in our laboratory “Lambda Laboratory”, but you will find also some papers written by Jean-Pierre Petit from 1975 on the same subject.

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  • Popularization documents

    This section offers articles and popularization documents. An pedagogical diffusion of knowledge in Magnetohydrodynamics and Hypersonic Flight; knowledge to everyone.

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  • Books

    Excerpts from books treating of the UFO subject, but also books and comic books available in free download.

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  • A touch of humour…