New Research

UFO-SCIENCE will carry out any action to complete its mission: the scientific and rational inquiry of the UFO case and its related questions, in accordance with its ethics, its principle of transparency and in the respect of the law. It will create a multi-field research laboratory, lead by true scientists. 

The research tasks will be undertaken with total transparency. The members and non-members will continuously know all about team’s activities, and they will sponsor their action through this web site. Projects will be described in the site. From this point of view we will also seek collaboration with similar organizations or with any specialized laboratory, at an international level.

UFO-SCIENCE wants to specify that its action refers to none political system nor scientific firm, none ideology, religion, belief nor sect.

Here are the activities envisaged at UFO-SCIENCE:

  • Create one or several research lab(s) in order to carry out experiments.
  • Communicate results of research on this Internet web site, which elsewhere promotes the organization and its objectives.
  • Connect people likely to take part in actions, in agreement with the objectives of the organization.
  • Establish a contact with other groups, research laboratories or similar organizations, in order to extend this action to an international scale.
  • Relating to silent supersonic intra-atmospheric flight modeling, and upon the assumption that the UFO phenomenon would correspond, at least partially, with evolutions of material vehicles, we will resume magnetohydrodynamics studies begun in 1975. Hydraulic simulations will be undertaken immediately. As soon as possible, we will build a hot intermittent wind tunnel (argon flow at 10’000 degrees with a pressure of one bar inside a shock tube) to finally experiment the shock wave annihilation around a model imbeded in this supersonic flow.
  • Coanda effect discs (which have an aerodynamical lifting principle identical to MHD aerodynes) will be built and demoed using high-pressure air (10 bars). Their lift and their induced airflow, closely to the hull and far upside in the ambient air, could at last be precisely filmed and broadcasted. These devices being unstable, we will consider the creation of an embarked system made of software-controlled micro-flaps continuously checking and correcting the attitude.
  • In a more general idea, any innovating propulsion system, purely aerodynamic, electric, electromagnetic… could be studied and experimented as conventional and non-conventional vehicles, along the energy sources linked to these devices.
  • The laboratory will endeavour to obtain means of biological analyses to investigate traces in plants, taking the work of Doctor Michel Bounias (case of Trans-in-Provence, 1981) as a good starting point. Simulations of these effects will be tried, submitting pilot plants to pulsed low-frequency modulated microwaves, and also studies about how microwave beams can act on corn stems, within the “crop-circle” phenomenon in mind.
  • We will encourage the mobile phones manufacturers to equip their products with optical diffraction grating caps, allowing any multi-megapixel phone to catch a UFO luminous spectrum. Same thing for HD digital cameras. In parallel, UFO-SCIENCE will get means of spectra analysis. Working with optics laboratories, we will create a spectrum analyser computer software. Again with transparency in mind, this software will be freely downloadable, so using a spectral database, people will be able to identify chemical components of any photographed source.

These studies are described with their progress report through the Research menu.

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