Conference in Toulouse

 It was an dinner focused on science and UFO in Toulouse (France). Fifty people had gathered for the occasion.  The guest was Mathieu Ader, a member of the Association UFO-Science , and co-leader of the group OvniTech.

The presentation began with a statement of what has been done in ufology past three decades. First, a point of view of official institutions in charge of the case. There are lot of records of police available on the website GEIPAN representing the log of thousands of witnesses.  But none of these log contain real scientific data.

The few documents that catch our attention are technical notes, following the investigations of some famous cases of modern ufology.

Then the point of view of the scientific community in general, where the UFO phenomenon is still a taboo. The main risk is the collapse of a large number of well-established dogma, a questioning of our current knowledge.

A few high-level work have been present: those of Professor Michael Bounias (chromatography) in the case of Trans-en-Provence in 1981, and those of Jean-Pierre Petit (Director of Research at CNRS) in laboratory experiments conducted in the 70s on Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD).