Our spectral database

“UFOSpectra V.I.G.I.E research program” is the logical extension of the “V.I.G.I.E” program launched in 2011. This database centralises the pictures of spectrum from unidentified light sources, with the purpose of study them with specialized tools.

These pictures are made from devices equipped with a diffraction grating. We have distributed thousands of diffraction gratings around the world since 2007. This represent hundreds of persons able to collect scientific information about the UFO phenomenon. The database also includes pictures of light sources clearly identified, and records the characteristics of the material used. These data are useful for the calibration phases, which allow the analysis of the spectra from UFOs pictures.

If it’s permit by the camera, it is possible to extract, sort and save geolocation data. The exact position of the place where the picture was obtained is known, and optionally permits a triangulation to know the exact position of the observed phenomenon.

Program UFOSpectra integrates a wide range of technical solutions allowing management to large scale of recovered data during UFO Sightings, and uses the functionality provided by the devices next generation.

A field tool

If you see a suspicious light source, UFOSpectra will be useful. Some features of this database make it a field tool :

  • A graphical interface able to adapt automatically to the format of your device. UFOSpectra is therefore accessible for Smartphones users and digital tablets.
  • A navigation in the database facilitated by the using of research filters.
  • A Google Map interface to search within a specific geographic area.
  • Digital forms allow to enter your testimony and send us your pictures for analysis.

Contribute to the UFOSpectra program

With a diffraction grating, you can collect new information from UFO phenomenon by following our tips. Make a picture of spectrum is very simple and requires only little training. You can also contribute to our database by taking Spectra of light sources clearly indentified (street lights, lights of aircraft etc…).

Contributing to UFOSpectra is the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the capabilities of your camera, in order to realise more easily one or more pictures of spectra of an object in the night sky. This also consolidates the acquisition of good reflexes and automation necessary in the case of a fortuitous observation.

It is recommended to take pictures of spectrum regularly, on different subjects, motionless or mobile, by testing various functions and settings of the equipment used.

Enter in UFOSpectra