You’re using a diffraction grating and you want contribute to our database? At night, take pictures of light sources clearly identified (street lights, lights of aircraft etc.) and upload your files through this form.

Don’t worry, make a picture of spectrum is very simple and requires only little training. By following our recommendations, you will be operational in fex minutes.

Train yourself

Remember : if your device is equiped with a geolocation system (GPS or other), don’t forget to activate it.

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Your equipment



  • D634 kilometer 9; D634, 32600 Endoufielle; 2th Périgord street 31770 Colomiers France; 43.557322, 1.020092

Your picture

  • Street light, plane, unknown etc...
  • Accepted file extensions : png, jpeg, gif
  • Maximum weight of the file : 5000 Ko