Finalization of the MHD low density system

Since May 2010, the MHD apparatus was being assembled. He is now operational and working.

Many pieces were made specifically as the vacuum valve  (electrically insulated), which was designed, machined and assembled.

The bell jar, cylindrical, is 40 cm in diameter. The first that we had received, during the first vacuum test began to deform at an alarming rate. The manufacturer has recovered it, and we had to acquire a new one, urgency. The decision was immediately taken to add an anti-blast wall

The insulating material actuator was designed and built. We have added a remote engine to keep a safe distance between the experimenter and the system. The control experiment is also remote, on video.

finalized in July 2010

The machining of small parts (caps, models) are made on site, on a set tour milling machine designers.