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  • Back to the future

    In the article UFO and diffraction grating from 1952 to nowadays , is mentioned the use of a stereoscopic camera for shooting spectrum pictures.

    videonThe camera in question is called «Videon”. It is built from 2 lenses featuring an F3.5 aperture and a 45mm focal length. On request of the A.T.I.C. , the shutter speed was limited to 1/20th s and the focus to infinity. The Videon is loaded with a 35mm film and very easy to use. The diffraction grating is made of a thin cellulosic composite material containing 15000 fibers/inch (590 lines/mm). It is embedded between two optical glass layers and attached on one of the lenses thanks to a sort of mounting ring.

    Thanks to the new possibilities of modern materials and decreasing costs of sensors – affordable 3D devices for shooting movies and pictures are now available on the market.

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  • Spectroscopic calibration and analysis

    (Français) Mise en place d’un banc d’analyse Spectroscopique pour calibrer et étudier la qualité optique des différents appareils de prise de vue et des réseaux de diffraction disponibles sur le marché.

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  • Diffraction Grating Adaptor/Holder

    (Français) Comment adapter un réseau de diffraction sur un Boitier Reflex ou sur un petit compact numérique ? L’entreprise Cokin propose deux solutions.

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  • Adhesive diffraction grating for Cellular available

    (Français) Transformez votre téléphone portable en spectroscope en équipant son objectif d’un réseau de diffraction adhésif.

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  • Photo album

    • Show your diffraction grating

      With the acquisition of a diffraction grating, you are ready to collect spectral data during the observation of an unidentified light. But show this tool to the public is also important. You should inform them.