“UFOSpectra V.I.G.I.E research program” is the logical extension of the “V.I.G.I.E” program launched in 2011. This database centralises the pictures of spectrum from unidentified light sources, with the purpose of study them with specialized tools.


The information available in our databases are regularly updated. Once your picture of spectrum uploaded through our forms, and taken into account by our team, the associated data of your file are organized and available to users through a simplified interface. Map materializing the diffusion of diffraction around the world is updated each week, or each month, depending on the number of new orders.

  • icone_BDD_table

    Spectral database

    Search a picture of spectrum according to several criteria

  • icone_BDD_reseaux

    Worldwide distribution of diffraction gratings

    A global view of the diffraction gratings circulating in the world