Back to the future

In the article UFO and diffraction grating from 1952 to nowadays , is mentioned the use of a stereoscopic camera for shooting spectrum pictures.

videonThe camera in question is called «Videon”. It is built from 2 lenses featuring an F3.5 aperture and a 45mm focal length. On request of the A.T.I.C. , the shutter speed was limited to 1/20th s and the focus to infinity. The Videon is loaded with a 35mm film and very easy to use. The diffraction grating is made of a thin cellulosic composite material containing 15000 fibers/inch (590 lines/mm). It is embedded between two optical glass layers and attached on one of the lenses thanks to a sort of mounting ring.

Thanks to the new possibilities of modern materials and decreasing costs of sensors – affordable 3D devices for shooting movies and pictures are now available on the market.

We have choose for a test, the AIPTEK 3D and we equipped one of the lenses with a diffraction grating cap.


This apparatus can capture on the same frame the two images allowing – as with the 1952 device – to get simultaneously the picture of the phenomenon and the picture of the phenomenon spectrum.