First result of MHD aeodyne experiment.

The first experiments on the MHD test system were positive. What looks like a material property, low-tech and a lower overall cost 3000 euro does not mean that experiments carried out on it are of low scientific level. The low gas pressure are good conductors of electricity. Moreover, the magnetic fields needed for high Hall parameters are moderate: about a thousand gauss, which can easily be obtained with simple permanent magnets.

If you wanted to repeat the same experiments at atmospheric pressure should be play with several Tesla fields, even tens of Tesla, creating ionization by microwaves in three gigahertz, etc.. The concepts are the same, except that the cost of installation and implementation would cost a thousand times more expensive.

The experiments stopped since three decades (since 1975), will be resumed, some will relate to the instability of Velikhov, others to the ionization wall. Our research program converges to the implementation of a model of discoidal aerodyne induction without electrodes. Eventually we will build a hypersonic wind tunnel to burst, in low density, again for ease of ionization of gases. But we hope, in this final experiment, highlighting the annihilation of shock waves.

In a garage…

The following photos colors corresponding to the illustrations selected for the article:

Wall confinement by magnetic gradient inversion
Hall effect