• UFO-Science organization

    A independant research conducted by volonteers

    The only French organization in charge of the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon on the ground, but also in laboratory.

  • Sky survey

    Design of detection stations

    Designing and building of new automatic detection systems and mobile lookouts. Tests in real conditions and analysis of all informations recorded.

  • Experimental research

    A laboratory to lead researchs in Magnetohydrodynamic propulsion


    Supersonic flight without shockwaves by electromagnetic force fields. Experimental studies in the physics of plasmas bi-temperatures.

  • Centralization of data

    A spectral database


    Spectral analyses available to the wide public. Forms available to submit your pictures of Spectra for analysis.

  • Data acquisition

    A rational and scientific approach

    Worldwide distribution of diffraction gratings. Analysis of the spectra of UFOs pictures made by witnesses.

    Obtenir un réseau de diffraction
  • Sampling

    A systematic investigation

    Study of HF radiation on living material. Analysis of biochemical changes in plants exposed to pulsed microwaves. Authoring of procedures for interventions on the ground.

  • They talk about us

    • “Most ufologists remain on the appearance and testimony. You, you are interested by the technical aspect.”

      Bob Bellanca, ADO FM
    • “UFO-Science, The organization who decides to act when the government don’t move during three decades”.

      Patrick Baud, Radio Raje
    • “You have something special. You take the scientific aspect of the UFO phenomenon”

      Bob Bellanca, ADO FM
    • “Your approach is to say : there is matter to do research for the UFO phenomenon”

      Florence Cicolella, FR3 Bourgogne
    • “An UFO spectrum hunt is underway”

      Mathieu Ader pour Paris-Match
    • “UFO-Science, a spectroscopic study of the UFO phenomenon”

    • “We would like to stop the sterile debates”

      Jean-Christophe Doré pour Sud-Ouest
    • “The time is now to citizen action”

      Jean-Yves Gauchet, Effervesciences
    • “In fact, you’re trying to build an UFO”

      Chairman, Colloque international de Corée
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