Diffraction gratings are essential to identify the nature of unidentified aerospace phenomena. Once placed in front of the lens of your camera, it allows you to obtain a spectrum. After analysis of this spectrum, it is possible to know some characteristics of the phenomenon observed :

  • Its chemical composition
  • Its temperature
  • Detection of a magnetic field.

Two models are available: A slide version, and an adhesive version for mobile phone, the SpectroKit®.

It is easy to make a good picture of spectrum taking a slide in your hand in front your lens. However, various solutions are available to directly mount this type of diffraction grating on your camera. We offer also some applications for your smartphone.

  • icone_BDD_diapo

    Diffraction grating slide

    A free and simple equipment for all your devices

  • icone_BDD_spectrokit

    Diffraction grating adhesive

    Equip your mobile phone with a SpectroKit®

  • icone_BDD_support

    Diffraction Grating Adaptors in trade

    Other solutions in trade

  • icone_BDD_kitGSM2

    Make your own adaptator !

    Make a diffraction grating kit for a mobile phone imaging device

  • icone_BDD_geocam

    Geocam application

    Handheld detection station for Android phones

  • icone_BDD_theodolite

    Theodolite application

    Handheld detection station for Iphones and Ipads

  • icone_BDD_kitGSM2

    Improve your camera

    Mounting of a diffraction grating on a CS lens for security camera