A diffraction grating is a tool. Like any tool, you should learn to use it the day where you receive it to be ready the day where you will witness an unidentified light phenomenon. Don’t worry, make a picture of spectrum is very simple and requires only little training. By following our recommendations, you will be operational in few minutes.

What to do in case of atmospheric light phenomena ?

  1. If your device is equiped with a geolocation system (GPS or other), activate it.
  2. Install the diffraction grating in front of the lens of your camera or imaging device.
  3. Take several pictures following our tips (see back cover).
  4. When the phenomenon is over, immediately take at least one picture of the sky background in the same direction than the phenomenon.
  5. Cautiously note the time and the place of the observation.
  6. Then, take one or two pictures of a sodium lamp (orange) or mercury lamp (white), needed for the calibration of the measurements (calibration shot). Use the streetlights. Keep the same settings as for the pictures of the phenomenon
  7. Save all pictures as soon as possible ; do not compress or edit them.
  8. Upload your pictures and your witness in our spectral database “UFOSpectra V.I.G.I.E”


The grating film is fragile. Do not touch it with fingers or you may damage it. Always handle the grating by its frame, and store is away from high temperature and dampness.

Key points

  • ufospectra_good exemple 1

    Make sure that your light source is located at 30 meters or more from you

  • ufospectra_good exemple 2

    Put the light source in the center of your picture. Try to get both the spectrum and the observed object on the same picture

  • ufospectra_good exemple 4

    The diffraction grating shall be placed in front of the camera lens and must be parallel to it

  • ufospectra_good exemple 3

    Le SpectroKit® maintient le film du réseau parallèle au plan de l’objectif en toutes circonstances

  • ufospectra_bad exemple 3

    Make sure that the phenomenon is as far as possible a point-source.
    Do not zoom !

  • ufospectra_bad exemple 2

    When the diffraction grating is not parallel to the camera lens, the spectrum is distorted.
    Never take a picture of spectrum through a window !