Disques volants à propulsion MHD

Ces travaux ont été publiés dans la revue Scientifique à Comité de lecture Acta Physica Polonica A June 2009 Volume 115 (6): page 1162-1163

Abstract : J.P. Petit J. Geffray

We published the first description of a disk-shaped MHD aerodyne, combining pulsed ionization and induction systems. Magnetic pressure tends to push away electric discharge, in region of low magnetic field. In the seventies the efficiency of the wall confinement, due to the inversion of the magnetic pressure gradient was demonstrated. It is time now for ambitious MHD projects. We have planned experimental studies of MHD acceleration, combining pulsed ionization, wall confinement and induction system. We intend to study pulsed ionization systems based on wall micro discharges or microwaves action. We present the different features of the project.

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