• UFO-Science organization

    A independant research conducted by volonteers

    The only French organization in charge of the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon on the ground, but also in laboratory.

  • Data acquisition

    A rational and scientific approach

    Worldwide distribution of diffraction gratings. Analysis of the spectra of UFOs pictures made by witnesses.

    Obtenir un réseau de diffraction
  • Experimental research

    A laboratory to lead researchs in Magnetohydrodynamic propulsion


    Supersonic flight without shockwaves by electromagnetic force fields. Experimental studies in the physics of plasmas bi-temperatures.

  • Centralization of data

    A spectral database


    Spectral analyses available to the wide public. Forms available to submit your pictures of Spectra for analysis.

  • Sky survey

    Design of detection stations

    Designing and building of new automatic detection systems and mobile lookouts. Tests in real conditions and analysis of all informations recorded.

  • Sampling

    A systematic investigation

    Study of HF radiation on living material. Analysis of biochemical changes in plants exposed to pulsed microwaves. Authoring of procedures for interventions on the ground.

  • Research conducted by UFO-Science

    UFO-Science est une association française qui œuvre en toute liberté et indépendance, et qui s'est donne pour mission d'étudier certains aspects scientifiques liés aux Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non identifiés, sans à priori sur leurs origines. This research exists without any aid nor control from administration, but with goodwill, impassioned people, students, high level engineers and researchers. UFO-Science work with complete freedom and independence.
  • Présentation d’UFO-Science par Jean-Pierre Petit

  • News

  • Join us and participate to the acquisition of UFOs spectra !

    • UFOSpectra

      What is the UFOSpectra research program of the organization UFO-Science ?

    • Database

      Compiling and analysis of the spectra pictures. Geolocation of participants and witnesses

    • Equip yourself

      Order your diffraction grating and get additional tools

    • Train yourself

      How to use a diffraction grating ? Learn more about it. Improve your reflexes.

    • Contribute

      You want to contribute for our database? Send us your spectrum pictures

    • Your testimony

      You have seen an unidentified aerospace phenomenon? Send us your testimony

    • (Français) Surveillez le ciel

      (Français) Accédez à notre réseau de stations de détection automatiques S.A.D.E.P.A.N et observez le ciel

  • You want help UFO-Science ?

    You can make a donation, or you can buy the last book Jean-Pierre Petit "OVNIS ET SCIENCE Ce qu’ont découvert les scientifiques", in print or digital version. The proceeds from the sale of this book is fully dedicated to fund research of the association.

    The overview shows only 15 pages of the book

  • They talk about us

    • testimonial_bob

      “Most ufologists remain on the appearance and testimony. You, you are interested by the technical aspect.”

      Bob Bellanca, ADO FM
    • testimonial_raje

      “UFO-Science, The organization who decides to act when the government don’t move during three decades”.

      Patrick Baud, Radio Raje
    • testimonial_bob

      “You have something special. You take the scientific aspect of the UFO phenomenon”

      Bob Bellanca, ADO FM
    • testimonial_fr3bourgogne

      “Your approach is to say : there is matter to do research for the UFO phenomenon”

      Florence Cicolella, FR3 Bourgogne
    • testimonial_ma

      “An UFO spectrum hunt is underway”

      Mathieu Ader pour Paris-Match
    • testimonial_ufology

      “UFO-Science, a spectroscopic study of the UFO phenomenon”

    • testimonial_jc

      “We would like to stop the sterile debates”

      Jean-Christophe Doré pour Sud-Ouest
    • testimonial_effer

      “The time is now to citizen action”

      Jean-Yves Gauchet, Effervesciences
    • chairman_jeju

      “In fact, you’re trying to build an UFO”

      Chairman, Colloque international de Corée